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Did Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Split? 

Trouble in Charleston? Ashley Jacobs’ attempts to clear up her relationship status with Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel have confused fans even further.

Reports that the reality TV duo called it quits first surfaced earlier this month after “Reality Life With Kate Casey” podcast host, comedian Kate Casey, claimed Jacobs told her about the breakup over the phone.

“She’s told me that she broke up with him and that she blocked his number, but she’s in this weird position because she changed her licensing or she got licensing to be a nurse in South Carolina and really had come to the conclusion that she was going to set up a new life, away from Santa Barbara, in another state across the country,” Casey explained during the Friday, August 2, episode of “Reality Life.” “She’s told me that they’ve broken up, and that she has no intention of getting back together with him and I hope that’s true.”

Jacobs and Ravenel started dating shortly after they met in May 2017. Despite Jacobs’ drama with Ravenel’s ex and the mother of his two children, Kathryn Dennis, and two different women accusing the 55-year-old of sexual assault, the nurse claimed during the July 26 reunion episode of Southern Charm that she and Ravenel are still together. (Ravenel and Jacobs have both denied the allegations made against him, but Ravenel was not present at the reunion.)

Jacobs, however, has sent her followers mixed messages about their relationship on social media since the reunion aired.

After a fan asked on Thursday, August 1 via Instagram, if it was “just gossip” that Jacobs moved back to California and split with Ravenel, the nurse responded, “Yes. I’ll be back in Charleston tomorrow!”

She later backtracked on her comment, replying to a different fan four days later on the same Instagram post, “Sorry for any confusion. I don’t plan on addressing rumors or talking about my relationship status to social media at this time.”

While Jacobs has yet to clear up what is going on with the twosome, she shared an Instagram photo from South Carolina, where Ravenel lives, on Monday, August 6.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations