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Tiger Woods Gets a Kiss From Girlfriend As He Wins First Golf Tournament in Five Years

Winners are grinners. Tiger Woods raised his arms in celebration as he won his first golf tournament in five years on Sunday, September 23, and scored a kiss from his girlfriend, Erica Herman.

The champ, 42, placed first at the 2018 Tour Championship in Atlanta — his 80th PGA title — after leading the field all weekend. It was his first win since 2013 and after several back surgeries, and the moment wasn’t lost on him, or the crowd, which cheered in excitement and loudly chanted his name.

“I had a hard time not crying coming up on that last hole,” he told the Golf Channel.

Later, as he was presented with the Calamity Jane trophy, Woods admitted he had teared up as he lined up his final shot and said, “I can’t believe I’ve pulled this off.”