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Ben Higgins: 'I Was Shocked' Over Amanda Stanton's Arrest

A supportive pal. Ben Higgins had a lot of kind things to say when asked about Amanda Stanton’s recent arrest for domestic violence.

“It’s unfortunate,” the 30-year-old former Bachelor told Us Weekly on Friday, October 5, ahead of the Politicon convention. After speaking about how the reality show can cause people to “have a lot of enemies,” Higgins said, “Amanda is one of those people who I have not a close relationship with, but a relationship.”

He continued: “She’s been kind to me, she’s made me feel like somebody she still wants to be friends with, or at least respects to some level. So I know Amanda’s character and I know that when I read this, I was shocked.”

Elaborating on the fact that Stanton’s arrest took place in Las Vegas following a night out drinking, Higgins added: “I also know that I’ve done things in my life, or there have been nights where you drink too much or you’ve done something stupid, something that in the morning, you know you shouldn’t have done it. I don’t know the details of what happened and I don’t even want to claim to, or I don’t want to even claim that I have an idea.”

The Colorado native continued: “All I know is that whatever happened that night was unfortunate for both parties, but it seems like they’re still together and it seems like they’re happier, that’s what I see at least on social media. So if it was able to be figured out by the law enforcement, be figured out by the couple, I would say that I hope that whatever happened that night doesn’t happen again.”

Stanton, 28, was taken into police custody following an incident at a Vegas hotel room between her and boyfriend Bobby Jacobs.

The Bachelor alum entered Jacobs’ hotel room while intoxicated and the two began to argue, leading Stanton to allegedly swing a hotel phone at him, among other things. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has not filed official charges against the California native.

With reporting by Emily Marcus

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