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'NSync's JC Chasez Shares His Favorite Holiday Traditions
JC Chasez' Shares His Favorite Holiday Traditions
JC Chasez Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

JC Chasez is big on the celebrations! The former boybander opened up to Us Weekly about all things holidays — and revealed his treasured family traditions.

“I always love the holidays,” the 42-year-old gushed to Us exclusively earlier this month at the A Christmas Arrangement premiere in Burbank, California. “Usually, I wouldn’t say always, but usually it puts people in a great mood.”

Chasez added that his favorite moments are “always” with family. “My grandfather always reads from the Bible on Christmas Eve,” he noted. “And we all do a bit of caroling as well together as a family.”

JC Chasez' Shares His Favorite Holiday Traditions
David Kater, Kathryn Smith, Jc Chasez, Autumn Federici, and Manny Streez attend ‘A Christmas Arrangement’ Los Angeles premiere at Garry Marshall Theatre on November 14, 2018 in Burbank, California. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The ‘NSync alum, who was raised as a Mennonite, continued: “He reads the same verse every year. Same section of the Nativity, and then when it comes to the carols, we usually let the kids in the family shout out whichever one they want to hear next. Then we all hop to it.”

Chasez even plays it simple when it comes to the food he enjoys at the get-togethers. “I’m not really one or the other,” he dished. “If it’s home-cooked, I’m happy.”

The Maryland native also opened up about his former bandmate Justin Timberlake’s success and recently released memoir, Hindsight.

“I just took a look through it. I haven’t read it in depth, I just did the flip of the pages,” Chasez told Us. “Look, it’s a fun thing to look over. The guy has had an amazing career, come on. It was fun to see to some of the past in there that I was a part of with the Mickey Mouse Club. Then the early days of the ‘NSyncstuff.”

He gushed: “It’s inspiring to see the stuff he did later in life, really breaking through … becoming a movie star himself and things like that.”

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