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2019-05-23 15:29:05


James Charles Slams Trolls Who Criticized Him After Kylie Jenner Party

Not today, sister! James Charles brushed off his haters after he attended a launch party for Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin collection amid his supposed break from the public eye.

“I said I wouldn’t be filming for a bit and would pop in on my other socials, point being to focus on living rather than forcing content,” the YouTube star, 20, tweeted on Wednesday, May 22. “Healing for me consists of doing things that make me happy, such as playing with makeup & being social, instead of laying in bed all day.”

Charles went on to defend himself further while also giving an update on his healing process. “Social media is a part of my life and I like keeping up with all of you, and I know a lot of you like keeping up with me!” he wrote. “Posting a few stories of me smiling doesn’t mean I’m ‘better’ or my break was for sympathy it means I’m trying to move on with my life and better myself!”