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Karamo Brown Shares His Beauty Hack for Better Skin

Bald Hair, Do Care! Karmo Brown stopped by Us Weekly’s studio to announce that he cofounded a skincare line and grooming products for bald and balding men for MANTL.

“Being on Queer Eye and talking to men around the world who are bald or thinning, I realized they go through these same issues of, ‘I don’t know what to do,’” he explained. “I was like, ‘let’s create a line for bald and thinning men that is easy, lightweight, nice, but also a community that goes along with it to help their self-esteem.’”

While the cultural expert and licensed social worker was here, he also dished on his best beauty hacks which include ice, inexpensive drugstore items and more. Watch the exclusive video above to see what he swears by!

Karamo Brown Beauty Secrets
Karamo Brown

Wear Sunscreen

“My hair routine is null and void because I have none. So it’s more about taking care of my skin and my scalp so it’s all about moisturizing, and also using a daily SPF. I know I’m black and people are like, ‘You got melanin, why you using SPF?’ But everyone needs to use SPF every single day and that’s why I created a new skincare line called MANTL.”

Ice, Ice Baby

“The DIY beauty tip that I live by has always been ice. All the old starlets will tell you that if you rub ice on your face it takes down inflammation, it takes away redness. It’s something that easy that you can do. And you don’t keep it on there until it starts to burn or stick to your skin. You just lightly rub the ice underneath your eyes, on your face and I’m telling you if you have red spots, if you have blotchy spots, it removes it.”

Color Me Happy

“The best style or beauty advice that I have ever received is don’t be afraid of color. I think a lot of times, especially for men, we tend to want to stick to things that are darker. But, I’m not afraid of some color, I’m not afraid of sparkle. And sometimes when I’m not feeling good, I’m having a bad day, I put on something that’s a little bit brighter and it immediately make changes in my mood. Colors effect how you feel about yourself and so experiment, don’t be afraid of color.”

Karamo Brown Beauty Secrets
Karamo Brown

Drugstore Find

“A drugstore product that I live by is these little mini Vaseline lip balm things. I have allergic reaction to other lip balms but I want my lips to feel moisturized. And so I use these little Vaseline bottles and you can see this one’s empty because I use them all the time.”

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