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Lisa Kudrow Details Mother’s Hug-less Funeral Amid COVID-19

Mourning amid the coronavirus pandemic. Lisa Kudrow revealed what it was really like to lose a loved one during the current health crisis — including hug-less funerals.

Kudrow’s mother passed away at the end of February and although her family was able to have a celebration of life, things were nowhere near normal, as COVID-19 had already hit the U.S.

“I was the one who asked the rabbi to please let everyone know there was to be no hugging because we were all in an emergency room with her,” the California native, 56, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Monday, May 18. “That was the hardest decision because we weren’t there yet and we had only just heard the words ‘social distancing.’”

The Friends alum described herself as a “freak” because throughout the funeral service all she could think about was that “there has to be coronavirus here.”

“Some people [understood] and most people were just looking at me like I was a monster when I’d take two steps back, put up my hands and say, ‘Hi, thanks for coming,’” Kudrow recalled. “That was hard.”

The Comeback alum acknowledged that her loved ones were lucky since they could attend a service of any kind before the pandemic escalated.

“Well, at least we got a funeral,” she said. “And everyone was hugging but me. I just couldn’t bear it if I got someone sick. From that moment on, I just acted like I’ve got it, so what do I need to do?”

The Web Therapy actress revealed that the hug-less funeral is what’s made her feel closest to those who are on the frontlines.

“That’s the stuff that breaks my heart,” she continued. “When I see parents, especially in the health care field, who come home from work and are like, ‘Hi, remember, we have to stay away from mommy.’ How is a 3-year-old supposed to understand that?”

When it is safe to reconnect with family and friends, Kudrow already knows who she’s going to see first — her father and she plans to “give him a hug.”

Professionally, HBO’s Friends reunion has been delayed as has shooting for Kudrow’s Who Do You Think You Are? travel series, both of which were felt by the actress.

“We had to stop shooting [Who Do You Think You Are?]. And we shut down the Friends reunion, which was painful,” Kudrow explained. “I feel bad for everyone who was working and now is not working. That’s the part that makes me really nervous.”

For now, fans can see Kudrow in Space Force, which drops on Netflix on May 29.

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