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2017-02-18 14:20:30


Lana Del Rey Is Showing Los Angeles Some Mysterious 'Love'
Lana Del Rey is truly one of the most talented singers of our time. She is some kind of a Drama girl of classic Hollywood glamor, a diva with a sad languid voice, forcing every part of your soul tremble with delight from her romantic ballads. Her voice is able to carry away from the reality and stay in an ideal world.

Lana is different from many contemporary singers not only due to her voice, but also of Hollywood retro style of the 60s, which can be noticed in many of her music videos and photo shoots, where her beauty flourishes like vintage movie starlets .

Recently we`ve seen her image on the streets of Los Angeles at some promotional posters and decided to find out what she has prepared for her audience this time.

At first you can believe that the main creator od the picture is Baz Lurhmann but his name`s absent on the posters. Instead,  you see  "Directed by Rich Lee" under Lana's evocative lashes and "LOVE" in marquee type. Lee, known for his videos for Eminem, Rihanna, and others — will mark her next project.
Nobody knows if this`s promo for the new song or for her first album since 2015's Honeymoon, or for her another cinematic experience, but everyone`s sure: Lana's back. Get ready to open your hearts for her like first.